Mont Blanc

The highest mountain in the Alps (4,807 m)
By rossini 7 years ago

Climbing this wonderful mountain is a really unforgettable experience. The magnificent environment and exposed summit ridge, perhaps, turn this ascent into the best snow route in the Alps. This is a relatively direct ascent as regards altitude in an alpine impressive environment, which is suitable for mountaineers with and without experience. Apart from enjoying incredible views and a steep terrain, climbers experience the luxury of the well-preserved French mountain huts, the European alpine culture and the fabulous food. All these elements turn this ascent into a genuine alpine experience.

The favorite route is through the Goûte Ridge. The hardest part includes rock climbing of low difficulty (mostly with crampons) in order to reach the Goûter Hut. The last two hours of ascent require the use of the front points of the crampons and, when we are approaching the end of the route to the summit, there is a very exposed crossing along the summit ridge (with ice and/or snow). Another possibility is to climb the 4,000-meter peaks route from the Cosmique Hut. The first day is easy, but the day we reach the summit is longer and more exhausting than the normal route. Many times, it requires climbing with the front points of the crampons.

The aim of this tour is to enjoy a wonderful week mountaineering around Chamonix, as well as to make a safe and successful ascent (and descent!) of Mont Blanc. Our six-day tour is perfect for an appropriate acclimatization. It includes one extra day to ascend to the summit with no hurry or a second day to increase the possibilities of reaching the summit.





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June 15th 2015
July 4rd 2015
July 16th 2015
August 10th 2015
September 1st 2015

Duration: 6 days
Group size: minimum 2 people
Price per person: contact us!

PRIVATE GROUPS: contact us!
Season: June to September

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