Matterhorn / Cervino

One of the most beautiful mountains all over the world
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Located between the Swiss and Italian Alps, the birthplace of climbing, the ascent of Matterhorn takes us to a time-travel through climbing tradition. Matterhorn is attractive because of its shape and magnetism. The entire region captivates our senses with its big mountains and incredible landscapes. The combination of its scenic beauty, the high-quality accommodation, the capability of challenging oneself during the day and the comfortable refuges at night turn climbing in Switzerland into a pleasant alpine experience. During the preparation days for the ascent of Matterhorn, we climb a series of wonderful summits. As part of the expedition, inexperienced as well as experienced mountaineers are trained to get ready for technical ascents. With every ascent, difficulty is increased as we move from the Riffelhorn to the Pollux and the Rimpfischhorn, and finally to the Matterhorn.

The favorite route is along the Hörnli Ridge. This ridge consists of a very long rock climbing of low-level difficulty (II-III UIAA), but with a great exposure and very aerial ridges.

We arrive at the Hörnli refuge from Zermatt the day before reaching the summit, in the afternoon. The ascent of the summit from the refuge takes eight to ten hours. If the route is in good conditions, any person with basic rock climbing experience, excellent physical condition, as well as great ambition and commitment can get to the summit.

Other harder routes that can be taken are Zmutt Ridge or the Italian Ridge of UIAA III and IV grades.

The aim of this tour is to enjoy a wonderful week mountaineering around the Zermatt and the Saas Fee, as well as to make a safe and successful ascent (and descent!) of Matterhorn. Our six-day tour includes four days of acclimatization and preparation, which is the minimum required to have better chances of reaching the summit.




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Duration: 6 days
Group size: minimum 1 people
Price per person: contact us!
Season: middle July to middle September

Would you like to clime a different route at Matterhorn? Contact us!

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