Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre Massif

Climbing the most beautiful mountains in the Patagonia
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The mountains of the El Chaltén Massif are some of the most emblematic ones all over the world. They have huge vertical spires that project themselves upwards. Every mountaineer dreams with this: high-quality golden granite and beautiful ice and frost formations; all of it immersed in a unique natural environment. It is surrounded by the Patagonian steppe on the east and the Southern Patagonian Ice Field on the west.

These group of mountains offer a wide variety of objectives, which range from easy to very risky. There are a lot of easy summits that combine snow and ice with short rock routes. These are perfect for those who are not very experienced or who want to get involved in this amazing world for the first time. There are also ascents which are perfect for experienced mountaineers who are willing to enjoy these wonderful climbs. And there is also the possibility of climbing to the higher summit.


Frey Refuge extension, Bariloche, Northern Patagonia:

Its granite towers, that rise between 30 and 300 m high, are an ideal “playground” for any mountaineer. Regardless of your experience level, you can train here for more challenging objectives and, of course, to have fun, too!

Frey offers a midmountain environment as it has no glaciers around, and its nice temperatures turn it into a wonderful place to climb.

In this “Frey extension”, we offer a climbing course in which we discuss, in depth, the individual climbing techniques, the equipment handling, the safety maneuvers, the ability to climb many meters, and the rope length that is required for undertaking more challenging routes in the Fitz Roy area.




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We have divided ascents in three different groups by general difficulty of the route (approximation, climbing difficulty, route length, etc.): easy, intermediate and challenging.

 Easy ascents: If you have no or basic previous experience, it is highly advisable to do the “Frey extension” (see below) first in order to have an idea of alpine climbing and several pitches with mobile belay devices.

Intermediate ascents: It is necessary to have alpine climbing experience. At least, V+ grade and, in some cases, 6a alpine grade with belays are required. It is mandatory to have previous experience with crampons. It is also advisable to do an easy ascent first.

Challenging ascents: It is mandatory to have previous experience in alpine terrain of irregular routes longer than 500 m, harder than 6a grade, and mixed terrain (ice), at least, W15. For this type of ascents, it is vital to have previously done an intermediate ascent (or a similar one in the Alps) with us.

Duration: 15 days
Group size: minimum 1 people
Price per person: contact us!

PRIVATE GROUPS: contact us!
Season: November to february

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