Weisshorn Massif

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The Weisshorn massif is located on the Pennine Alps or Valais, in Switzerland. It is the limit between the Valleys of Zermatt and Herens (Val d’Hérens).

These mountains receive few visitors (except for the Matterhorn), and they are ideal for mountaineers willing to do more “lonely” ascents; that is to say, with fewer mountaineers around.

The Bishorn (4,153 m) is the best mountain from this massif to acclimatize, as it is the easiest of the 4,000-meter peaks of this range. After spending the night in the Cabane de Tracuit hut (3,256 m), we ascend to the summit through a route of little technical difficulty.

Mountains like the Obergabelhorn (4,063 m) or the Zinalrothorn (4,221m) are only suitable for more experienced mountaineers in good physical condition.

The Weisshorn (4,505 m) is the highest mountain of this range. Therefore, it takes longer and it is harder to reach the summit through the normal route than to reach the summit of the Matterhorn through the Hörnli ridge. All these mountains require, at least, ten hours of activity from the hut to the summit, and back to the hut.

The Dent Blanche (4,357 m) is another beautiful mountain in this range. Usually, we approach the hut Cabane de la Dent Blanche (3,507 m) through the Val d’Hérens; and, on the next day, we climb the south ridge to the summit.

The Dent d´Hérrens is another splendid mountain. On the first day, we drive across Italy to the Places de Moulin lake. From there, we walk to the Aosta hut. On the second day we reach the summit, we ascend through the west ridge, where there are mostly rocks. When snow is enough, we ascend through the south face. When reaching the summit ridge and looking east, we see the majestic Matterhorn very closely.







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