Monte Rosa Massif

Ascent of the best massif's summits
By rossini 7 years ago

Share with us the incredible experience of ascending to the longest massif in Europe! More than fifteen summits higher than 4,000 meters are waiting to be climbed.

Some of the summits are the following: Breithorn (4,164 m), Castor (4,228 m), Passo del Naso (4,100 m), Lyskamm (4,527 m), Corno Nero (4,321 m), Balmenhorn (4,215 m), Vincent Pyramide (4,215 m), Ludwigshöhe (4,341 m), Parrotspitze (4,432 m), Signalkuppe / Capanna Regina Margherita (4,554 m), Zumsteinspitze (4,563 m), Dufourspitze (Dufour Peak) (4,634 m) and Nordend (4,609 m).

The Monte Rosa massif includes the Dufourspitze that, with a height of 4,634 m, is the second highest peak in the Alps and in Western Europe, and the highest peak in Switzerland. It also includes the highest hut in Europe, the Capanna Regina Margherita, which is built in the summit of the Signalkuppe, at an altitude of 4,554 meters.

This gigantic massif covered by glaciers offers us the chance of ascending to one mountain, several mountains or all the mountains in just one tour!

You can choose a three, four or five-day tour, known as the Spaghetti Tour, in order to ascend to several summits. At night, we descend to the comfortable refuges on the Italian side of the massif. Therefore, we are almost all the time at a pretty high altitude. Some of the refuges that can be visited are the following: Guide d’Ayas, Sella, Gnifetti, Capanna Regina Margherita and Monte Rosa, on the Swiss side.







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Duration: 1 to 5 days days
Group size: minimum 1 people
Price per person: contact us!
Season: June to middle September

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