Mont Blanc Massif

Ascent of the best massif's summits
By rossini 7 years ago

The Mont Blanc Massif is famous not only for being the official birthplace of mountaineering, but also for the majesty of its summits, the excellent rock quality —with an unbelievable red granite—, and the diverse glaciers around it.

In this massif, there are numerous high-quality alpine ascents of different characteristics. There are rock climbing routes, snow and ice couloires, mixed routes, glacier tours, and much more. Whatever the kind of climbing or ascent you are looking for, you can find it at the Mont Blanc Massif.

Come and enjoy with us! Apart for climbing, you will make big progress in your mountaineering level because we aim at helping you improve.

These are some of the most beautiful routes of the massif that we recommend:

Pirámide de Tacul (3.468m.) – east buttress. 250m. II D

Mont Blanc du Tacul (4.248m.) -North face, Vía Contamine or Chere.
400m. II AI 3+

Aiguille du Midi (3.842m.)-Cosmiques buttress. 200m. II AD mixto

Aiguille du Tour (3.542m.) -Couloir de la Table. 840m. II AD inf.

Travesía Midi- Plan (3.673m.) -III AD+

Aiguille D’Argentiere (3.902m.) -Y Couloir, South face. 1.130m. II AD

Aiguille du Chardonnet (3.824m.) – Forbes buttress. 550m.III AD

Mount Maudit (4.465m.) – Kuffner buttress. 800m. III D

Gran Capucin (3.693m.) -Switzer route. 300m. MD

Dent Du Geant (4.013m.) -Normal route. 620m. III AD.

Aiguille Verte (4.122m.) – Whymper couloir. 800m. IV D

MontBlanc du Tacul (4.248m.) -Aiguilles du Diable. D+

La Tour Ronde (3.792m.) -North face. 350m. II D

Petites Jorasses (3.650m.) – Contamine route. 800m. IV MD

Grandes Jorasses (4.208m.) -Walker buttress. escalada mixta. MD sup.

Petite Aiguille Verte (3.512m.) -Couloir Chevalier. 250m. II D

. Aiguille de Rochefort (4.001m.) – Traverse. 650m. III D

Aiguille du Chardonnet (3.824m.) – Migot buttress. 700m. III D

Mont Blanc du Tacul (4.248m.) – Gervassutti pillar. 900m. MD

Las Droites (4.000m.)- Lagarde couloir. 800m. IV AI 4

Aiguille de Bionnassay (4.052m.) – Sur ridge. 680m. IV AD mixto

AiguilleNoire de Peuterey (3.772m.) – South ridge. 1.000m. MD

Mont Blanc (4.810m.) – Innominata ridge. 1.000m. D







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Group size: minimum 1 people
Price per person: contact us!
Season: June to September


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