Haute Route Chamonix – Zermatt

The best ski touring of the Alps
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March and April are the ideal months to do the best ski tour from refuge to refuge: the Haute Route (or the High Route). The Haute Route involves a traverse from Chamonix, in France, to Zermatt, in Switzerland. It normally takes seven to nine days to travel 90 km (55 miles) through the most scenically stunning area of the world: glaciers, mountain passes and peaks of 4,000 meters wherever you look.

The Haute Route is the best ski tour of the Alps, and every ski touring lover from around the world dreams of doing it. You will spend almost every day powder skiing for hours. However, this tour is somehow “elitist”: only experienced ski tourers are able to do it.

The route starts at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, and ends with an amazing view of the Matterhorn.

The Haute Route takes you through some of the most beautiful and inspiring mountains in the world, and offers a unique experience in Europe. Usually, you will ski slopes that are 1,500 meters high, covered with smooth snow, to a village in the Swiss Alps, so as to enjoy some mulled wine and sausages.

The Haute Route is a challenging traverse, which is only suitable for those skiers who have previously made at least one mountain ski tour of several days.

It is essential to have an expert ski level and to be able to ski safely in any snow conditions.

 The traverse starts in Chamonix/Argentiere and ends in Zermatt. These two famous cities are full of life and activity, with a variety of restaurants, mountain stores and attractions. Chamonix is the largest mountaineering center in France, while Zermatt is the center of all the first explorations in Switzerland. Both cities attract many mountaineers, skiers and hikers throughout the year, and are the starting and end point of the tour.


The classic itinerary follows the original route taken by the pioneers in ski touring in the early twentieth century. This route includes an ascent of the Plateau du Couloir, a daunting slope with a strong inclination that is feasible only by skiers with experience in this type of surfaces. This route runs through terrains of higher altitudes and glaciers. It is necessary to have good snow and weather conditions to maximize the safety of our groups on steep slopes.

There are several interesting and varied route options, such as the classic route, Verbier and Grand Lui. The chosen route will depend on the weather and snow conditions, the guides’ recommendations and the group’s preferences. For the classic route, the maximum group size is three people per guide.







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Duration: 7 to 9 days

Season: March and April

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