Ice climbing in Austria

Salzburgerland and Tyrol - Austria
By rossini 8 years ago

Ice climbing is not just an activity for experts. There are many frozen waterfalls that are perfect for both beginners and experienced climbers, from top rope practices in short walls of excellent-quality pack ice to multi-pitch routes of all kinds of difficulties.

In our course, you will learn how to belay properly, to tell the different qualities of ice apart, to learn or improve your climbing technique; that is to say, the best way to enjoy this activity even more!

When temperatures begin to fall below zero in winter, in Salzburgerland (Salzburg region) and Tyrol, beautiful icefalls and ice columns begin to form everywhere where water runs and finds a waterfall.

Austria is home to some of the best ice climbing areas in the Alps. Gasteinertal (Gastein Valley), Rauriseertal (Raurisee Valley) in Salzburgerland and Ötztal in Tyrol are just some of them.

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Technique: from level_active
Stamina:      from level_active 

Group size: minimum 1 people
Price per person: contact us!
Season: January and February

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