Rock climbing course in Europe

Climbing in Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria and Germany
By rossini 8 years ago

Can you think of a better idea than to take a vacation in one of the best sport climbing centers in Europe? Each one of these places is not only excellent for rock climbing; they also feature many other aspects that make them unique!

Kalymnos, Greece: It is the epitome of sport climbing in Greece and one of the most visited schools worldwide. There are a variety of routes and grades, from technical vertical slab routes to chalk overhangs full of waterfalls and stalactites.

Arco, Italy: Arco is located in the valley of Sarca and features climbing routes for all levels and demands, from single-pitch sport routes to dolomite-style long routes, with much aerial environment in large walls, such as Monte Casale, Piccolo Dain and Monte Brento. This area is very broad, with more than 1,000 available routes of all kinds of difficulties and with an excellent quality of sedimentary rock. Located just north of Lake Garda and a couple of hours from the Dolomites, rock climbing here is possible almost all year round.

Catalonia, Spain: Catalonia is home to perhaps the largest variety and number of sport climbing routes across Europe, and is the ultimate capital of chalk climbing.

Frankenjura, Germany: It has a unique number of excellent routes of all kinds of difficulties. The rock quality is mostly excellent. There is predominance of sedimentary rock routes with several holes of all sizes, from vertical routes to large overhangs. The routes are usually short, about ten to twenty meters long, and have many boulder areas.







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Duration: 3 to 10 days


Season: Spring (March, April and May) and Autumn

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