Mischabel Alps

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The Mischabel massif is located on the Pennine Alps or Valais, in Switzerland. It is the limit between the Valley of Zermatt and the Saas Valley (Saastal). It runs from Allalinhorn (4,027 m) above Saas Fee; that is to say, up to the skiing area of Grächen.

It has eleven summits of more than 4,000 meters, including the Dom, which is the highest mountain located totally in Swiss territory. Mischabel Alps are a valued place to do alpine ascents of all kinds of difficulties.

These mountains, many times together with the Weissmies Alps, are perfect for people with any level of experience in mountaineering. From a simple glacial ascent —like the normal route of the Allalinhorn (4,027 m) that takes four hours to its summit from Mittelallalin— to more complex ascents —like the Northwestern face of the Lenzspitze (4,294 m), which then takes us to the summit of Nadelhorn by climbing beautiful gendarmes of good quality rocks (III grade) to then descent towards the Mischabel hut.

The ascent of Täshhorn (4,491 m) is highly advisable from the Täsch refuge or from the Saas Fee face through Mittelallalin. After reaching the summit of Alphubel, there is a descent that leads us to the Mischabel Pass (Mischabeljoch), where we will find the bivouac Mischabeljoch (3,851 m). On the next day, we will ascend to reach the summit. After climbing mostly rocks (III grade routes) with snow ridges, the last part of the route is more steep until we reach the summit cross.

We must mention the Dom (4,545 m). It is a two-day ascent from Randa, with short II grade routes across rock until we reach the Festijoch (Festi Pass) to the Hohberg glacier or ascent of the Fest ridge (Festigrat), where we will make rock climbing (II grade) and ascents through snow and ice.







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Duration: 1 to 10 days
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Season: June to September



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