The highest mountain in America
By rossini 8 years ago

The Aconcagua, with its 6,962 m.a.s.l., is part of the “Seven Summits”, which is formed by the highest peaks of each continent, a feature that makes it unique in the American continent.

The Aconcagua normal route, although it requires excellent physical condition, can also be ascended by people who do not have a high technical climbing level. Therefore, everyone can have the possibility of visiting one of the highest points on earth.

This route offers an acclimatization alternative: instead of acclimatizing as we ascend to Cerro Aconcagua, acclimatization occurs while we climb other mountains (Cerro Vallecitos [5,500 m]; Adolfo Calle [4,300 m] and Stepanek [4,250 m]), so that we have two great advantages. Firstly, you will have the chance to visit another beautiful place in the Andes; secondly, you will climb other important mountains and return home having ascended four peaks instead of one.

Our itinerary is designed to make a proper and gradual acclimatization to altitude and to have the widest range of possibilities when ascending to the summit. Therefore, the ascent is gradual, with strategic days off.



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Duration: 20 days
Group size: minimum 6 people
Price per person: contact us!

PRIVATE GROUPS: contact us!
Season: December to february

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